LT 33X12.50R22 Fuel Gripper XT Tires 12 Ply

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Tire Fuel Efficiency (A-G): C

Load Range: F

Tread Depth: 21/32 "

Manufacturer Part Number: Not Available

Tire Type: All Season

Quantity: 4

Section Width: 33

Rim Diameter: 22

Aspect Ratio: 12.5

DOT Date Code: XX22-XX23 Guarantied

Brand: Fuel Tires

Wet Grip Performance (A-G): B

Load Index: 114

Speed Index: Q

Finish: black

4 New 33X12.50R22 Fuel Gripper XT 33 12.50 22 Tires - 12 Ply (4 Tires)
Tire information:

Size : 33x12.50r22
Tread Depth: 21/32nds
New Fuel Gripper XT Tires
Set of four tires
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