The Best Toyo Tires for your Mid-Sized Pickup Truck

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The Best Toyo Tires for your Mid-Size Pickup Truck

Toyo Tires offer various advantages on the road.  Today we explore these advantages and the unique technology used by Toyo to design and manufacture their tires.

Toyo Tires


Established in 1945, Toyo Tires has become a trusted name in the tire industry. Their tires are renowned for their exceptional design, cutting-edge technology, and impressive performance, making them a preferred choice for mid-sized pickups. Toyo Tires' commitment to innovation is evident in their unique design features that enhance tire performance, durability, and fuel efficiency.


NanoTechnology is a pillar in Toyo’s innovative design.  In layman's terms, NanoTechnology is a proprietary technology exclusive to Toyo that allows vehicles to acquire the best fuel efficiency and performance.  Toyo utilizes AI to research, simulate, create and control data in order to design the best performing tires on the market.


Today we will be diving into the top Toyo Tires for mid-sized pickup trucks.  Keep in mind that all tires have specific use cases, we will be covering the best all around tires with the Toyo name tag.


Toyo Open Country AT II Xtreme

The Toyo Open Country AT II is one of our most popular tires here at Miller Tire due to its versatility and exceptional traction.  While the AT II isn’t the newest generation in the Open Country collection, there is no doubt that this tire is one of the best performing tires on the market.  With its incredibly long tread life and aggressive tread design, this tire not only ensures great performance but turns any basic looking truck into an aggressive looking beast.


Another strong selling point is the incredibly quiet sound while driving.  In comparison to other aggressive All Terrain tires the Open Country AT II is one of the quietest tires on the market.


With a price tag of $400-$600, the Open Country AT II gives you a huge bang for your buck.  This tire also comes with a whopping 65,000 mileage warranty allowing maximum usage with your purchase


If you’re ever in doubt, you can’t go wrong with the Toyo Open Country AT II.

"Xtreme sizes feature a deeper tread depth and a more aggressive tread and shoulder design. "

Toyo Open Country M/T - Mud Terrain


If you’re looking for a more aggressive tire or have off-road intentions, the Toyo Open Country M/T is a reliable and great looking tire.  A high turn-up and tough polyester construction contributes incredible impact resistance and handling.  With the unique hook shaped tread pattern, the Toyo Open Country MT brings excellent off-road traction and on-road performance.


Another advantage of the Open Country M/T is the open, scalloped shoulder blocks enhancing your grip in muddy, sandy and snowy conditions. This is the most technologically advanced tire on the market. 


With a price tag of $480-$650 the Toyo Open Country M/T delivers everything you could possibly desire with a mud tire.  From excellent handling to great durability on and off-road, this MT truly has it all.

"The Open Country M/T is legendary for durability, off-road performance, long tread life, and an aggressive tread pattern."

Toyo Open Country A/T III - All Terrain


At the top of our list is the Toyo Open Country AT III.  The AT3 is very similar to the AT2, however, Toyo manufactured this tire with a new tread compound and a slightly different tread design.  The AT3 delivers beautiful handling and wet breaking all while maintaining a smooth, quiet ride.  Another point of emphasis is the excellent off-road performance and all terrain grip in snow, mud and sand.  In terms of overall performance, the AT III is at the top of its class.


The Toyo Open Country AT III offers longer durability than the AT II due to the advanced tread compound utilized in this tire.  The slight change in tread pattern gives any vehicle a mean look  


With a price range of $325-$600 the Toyo Open Country AT III delivers everything you could possibly desire.  From on-road handling to tire efficiency in rough terrains, the AT III truly has it all.



"With a strong focus on wet performance, durability, and treadwear life, and using Toyo’s proprietary T-mode tire development and modeling technologies, Toyo introduces advanced tread design, construction, and compounding."


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